Cosmic Bleach Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Cosmic Bleach Tie-Dye T-Shirt

You will look out of this world in this cosmic tie dye t-shirt! We took the traditional tie-dye concept to another galaxy with this fun bleach infused technique!

Black Shirt
Spray Bottle
Plastic Wrap
Cleaning Materials (Trash Bags, Sponges, Paper Towels)
Tarp/Plastic to cover work surface

Reminder: This is a messy project, so be sure to wear old clothes and cialis online 50mgs completely cover your work space and body with protective gear!

Step 1. Cover your work surface and place your shirt flat on top.

Step 2. Load your spray bottle with bleach and spray the parts you want bleached out.

Step 3. Rinse the cialis cialis'>cialis cialis bleach out with water. The bleach will have an orange tint at this stage.

Step 4. In order to make your shirt white, spray with more bleach and rinse out again. Put the shirt aside to dry.

Step 5. Follow the directions from the Tie Dye Mega Pack to mix the colors.

Step 6. Splatter on different colors to create a cosmic look.

Step 7. To finish the shirt, follow the directions in this video, wrapping the usa viagra'>usa viagra shirt in plastic wrap, sitting overnight and rinsing accordingly.


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