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Look for Less: Noon by Noor inspired Flower Shorts

Look for Less: Noon by Noor inspired Flower Shorts

After seeing the Noon by Noor Spring 2014 Collection, we fell in love. The piece that really caught our eye: these navy high waisted shorts with faux flower accents.

We love the textured layering of the flowers, the way they're concentrated at the bottom and as they go up, there are less and less and the touch of sparkle in the middle of each flower is the perfect amount. Basically, they're perfect and WAY too expensive for us!

Inspired and filled with desire, we created our own version. Click here to view the full tutorial!

We found that what made this piece work so well was the fact that the flowers and shorts are the same color, so that's important to keep in mind if you want to create your own!

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It's Mardi Gras!

It's Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras literally translates to "Fat Tuesday" and is celebrated in March on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The day is meant to be a feast of fatty foods before the fasting of the Lenten season begins. Mardi Gras is a huge celebration in New Orleans, LA, which started with parades on February 15th! The celebrations in New Orleans began in the mid 1700s and have grown into a huge spectacle today with food, booze and partying.

Mardi Gras Traditions

Beads & Trinkets

Over the years the popularity of Mardi Gras beads and trinkets has grown. People will do just about anything for these trinkets, including flashing parts of their bodies, which does not occur along the parade routes, but typically in the French Quarter. The main purpose of the beads is to make each parade float stand out and be unique from the others.


Each Mardi Gras Krewe has it's own history and theme. In New Orleans there are five featured Krewes in the parades:

Krewe of ZULU

Mardi Gras Indians

Krewe of Bacchus

Krewe of Rex

Krewe of Endymion

But there are tons more that participate! The krewes decorate floats and many are known for the specific beads and trinkets that they throw.

King Cakes

King cakes are large cakes with a baby hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby in their slice of the cake is crowned the royal king or queen of the party.


The colors of Mardi Gras are purple, yellow and green. Purple stands for justice, yellow stands for power and green stands for faith.

For more information about Mardi Gras check out this website!

To celebrate Mardi Gras we created a trendy button up top using our iron on letters and appliquГ©s! To view the full tutorial click here.

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*All information provided by Wikipedia, National Geographic, Mardi Gras New Orleans & About.com

Tears On My Pillow

Tears On My Pillow

Alone last Valentine's Day?

Alone this Valentine's Day?

Alone every Valentine's Day?

Don't let this Hallmark holiday get you down. Show yourself some special love by creating your very own cuteness overload meme pillow! Who needs hugs and love when you can snuggle up next to this? (For the full tutorial click here!)

Invite your single friends over for a black hearts party and celebrate the freedom of being selfish...single.

Plus, you already know how awesome you are. You don't need a significant other to remind you.

Have a happy singles awareness day and spread the love<3

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Look for Less: Faux Flower Shorts

Did you absolutely love Noon by Noor’s spring line? We did too and were inspired to make these shorts using fake sheer flowers and our Next Style�Fashion Decorator!


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